Do you have a party or anniversary and are looking for a special cake? Our sweet selection ranges from cakes to tartlets, from chocolates to richly covered sweet tables and much more. We are happy to take your order and please make appointments for consultations! You can enjoy our housemade pastries, croissants, brunch or high tea in our patisserie in Merkelbeek and if the weather is nice also on our terrace.

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Since our products change seasonally, you will always find something new in our patisserie Goldstück. Our sweet selection is unique and all our pastrimenues, jams and products are done by ourselfes.

Our pastries, cakes, high teas and brunch are beautiful to look at in our unique floral design and the best of it all the flowers we use are completely edible. Our flowers and herbs are grown, cared for and harvested by ourselves in our garden, that you can look at while enjoying one of our delights.

Whether birthday, anniversary or wedding: With Goldstück, your celebration will be unique and your guests will remember it for a long time. If it may also be a little more unusual and you want a Sweet Table for your celebration or theme party, we will completely take care over the design and structure of our Sweet Tables and come to your home or to your location where you celebrate.

Are you invited to a party? Then you will also find a large selection of delicious gifts for the sweet tooth for friends and family.

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Would you like a special cake for your very special day? Then Goldstück is the right place for you!
Pâtisserie and cake design at its finest.
Would you like a multi-storey cake, a dessert buffet or a sweet table? … we are happy to make your wishes come true in our Goldstück design and style for your celebration.

Please make an appointment for your personal appointment to talk about your order.


High Tea

High Tea

You want to experience an High Tea
If you want to have a nice delightful High Tea experience, we serve our High Tea from 14 – 17 o’clock. For the exclusive experience, we serve our High Tea on the delicate tea service from our grand- and grade grandmothers.

Our High Tea alternates seasonally and is a nice combination of savoury and sweet pastries



Discover our late riser breakfast
For all late risers, we offer a brunch here in our Goldstück Patisserie in Merkelbeek from 10 – 14 o’clock . We have a small but fine breakfast assortment with many housemade delicacies, which alternates seasonally. So you can let us surprise you, every time you come.

If you want to get a little the Goldstück feeling at home and enjoy an extensive Brunch or High Tea at home, we offer our Brunch and High Tea, also to take away.
Our Brunch and High Tea are only with reservation, at least one day in advance, because we need a little bit time for the preparing since everything is housemade.




In our garden we cultivate the variety of our edible flowers and herbs to refine and decorate our cakes. Local fruit varieties grow in our garden or we get them from regional farmers.


With our flowers and herbs and seasonal fruit, we create an individual cake and desserts for you, which are completely coordinated from the filling to the decoration.


Flowers are a symbol of life in all its colours, shapes and facets and are as versatile and beautiful as any occasion that we sweeten for you and that there are to celebrate!

About us

2010 After 3 years apprenticeship Christin got successful completion and journeyman’s certificate at the Pâtisserie “Hauptmeier” in Bremen

2010-11 Christin got her Diploma of Pâtisserie at “Le Cordon Bleu” in London

2012/13 Christin attended the master school and successful master examination in Munich

2016 Opening “Goldstück” in Munich

Since 2017 Coach for German TV SAT1 at “Das Große Promibacken”

2017 Expansion of our range with our own products such as jams, syrup and liqueur

2018 Cultivation of edible flowers and processing into in-house flower products

Since 2018 Culinary television contributions for the Seven. One Entertainment Group

2020 We started to work as a Family-run company

2020 Cultivation of a large variety of our eatable flowers and herbs for our sweet and savoury delicacies and in-house products

2022 Finding our new house and location for our “Goldstück” in the Netherlands

2023 Moving to the Netherlands and renovate our new home and business location

2023 Started with the cultivation of our garden for our eatable flowers and herbs

Dec. 2023 Reopening the “Goldstück” in Merkelbeek

About us
About us
About us



If you not only like to enjoy sweet delights, but also want to seduce others with the sweet art, then Goldstück is the right place for you!
In small groups with a maximum of 8 participants, you whisk yourself in the bakery of our patisserie.
With tips and tricks, you will learn the pastry craft from the professional personally in simple steps.

You always wanted to know the secret of the crispy-thin french tarts or prefer to make an easy going creamy at home? Realise the challenge of an elaborate cake masterfully like a pastry chef or put together a nice selection of small but fine pastries?
Soon you will create yourself unusual desserts, airy-light pastries or elaborate cakes at your home.
If you have special wishes for your birthday, bachelorette party or company event, individual dates and topics can also be easily realised. Just talk to us! The course fee includes drinks and the receipts! Packaging material will be provided.


 Soon our products will be online.

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